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We sell Coal in Adams MA

Hoosac Valley Coal and Grain carries Bulk and Bagged Premium Anthracite Coal in stock, with delivery available in the Berkshires. Anthracite is mined from the oldest geological formations, and therefore has spent the longest time underground and been subjected to the most pressure and heat, making it the most compressed and hardest coal. Hard coals contain greater potential to produce heat energy.

Anthracite is the hardest and most brittle of all coals, and when burned, produces a very hot blue flame. Anthracite is considered the cleanest burning of all coal types. Anthracite produces more heat and less smoke than other coals, and is widely used, because it burns longer than wood. Anthracite burns at the highest temperature of any coal (roughly 900 degrees or higher) and typically produces up to 13,000 to 15,000 BTU per pound.
Hoosac Valley Coal and Grain receives its coal from Cornwall Coal Sales, the largest continuously operating wholesale and retail coal merchant in New York's Hudson Valley. Purchased by the Kohns in 1965, the coal yard is currently operating under their third generation. The business remains a friendly, reliable operation. Cornwall Coal is dedicated to delivering only premium anthracite coal. All sizes are tested to ensure consistent, low ash, high carbon product.